1.  Speed-400 LMR Event, and RC Electric Wakefield Event

These two events were formulated to use inexpensive Graupner Speed 400 and Speed 300 ferrite motors.
Due to the difficulty obtaining Groupner products the following are approved alternatives and available from MaxProducts web site.

These are part numbers ‘ ACC341’    (Replacement motor for “Speed-400 LMR” event) and
                                        ‘ ACC337’   (Replacement motor for “RC Electric Wakefield” event


2.  For sale: Vince Howard  (907)-374-2914

     Entertaining offers on the following.....

Old Model Magazines
  Model Builder - 1971 - 1993
  Air Trails Pictorial - 1941 - 1943
  Flying Models - 1960’s --- 1990’s
  Air Trails for young men - 1940’s - 1970’s
  Air Progress - 1950’s ++ 
  Air Classics - 1960’s ++

More then 30 antique engines
  including....    Brown, Bond BRL, Morton M5, etc

1950’s era engines
  Fox Stunt, Fox C/S, Johnson, and more...

Top-flite 60-size kits
  Mustang, P-40, P-47    $75 each


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